So you've self-published a book...

Now You Can Have More Royalties And Fans On Autopilot By Tapping Into The 1.6+ Billion Dollar Audiobook Industry!

Finally start collecting all the royalties and fans you've been missing out on by having your own audiobooks produced as quickly as in a single afternoon... even if they used to be "off limits" because of money or location!

Hey fellow author,

You’ve already done the hard work of creating a book…

So doesn’t it make sense to get it in as many people’s hands as possible and maximize your royalties?

I started to realize how silly it was to not have audiobooks after a close friend of mine said she still hadn't read my book after several months of receiving it.

Frustrated that even a close friend wouldn't read my book, I discovered something interesting...

She, like many people, would do her “reading” on the way to work in her car.

That's when I started to notice just how many people were like her that listen to audiobooks almost exclusively.

There's an entire world of audiobook only listeners who may be hungry for your books.  The smartest self-published authors have audiobooks because they realize this is a huge market that's only getting bigger.  Are you ready to join them?

There's Just A Few Problems...

Audiobooks are obviously awesome, but unfortunately, there's a few stumbling blocks that have kept the average author from profiting with audiobooks like...

  • If you don’t live in the US or UK, you can’t sign up for - the primary distributor of audiobooks to Amazon, Audible, and iTunes
  • Hiring a narrator can cost a fortune with prices ranging from $350 - $2500 for short to medium sized books
  • Doing it yourself requires special knowledge and equipment, and you may waste hundreds of dollars and hours of your time if you get it wrong

Kind of a pain, right?

This is why many people, including myself, had written audiobooks off as not worth the effort.

But something wouldn't let me give up on the idea of audiobooks...

I kept thinking about how many people I wasn't reaching because I didn't have audiobooks.

And wondered how many other authors must be having this same problem...

That's when I went to work and devoured all the information I could on audiobook production.

Much to my surprise... I found out all of these "problems" could be easily solved!

I’ve Found Solutions To ALL Of These Problems So ANY Author Can Produce And Profit From Audiobooks Easily!

Don't live in the US or UK?

No problem! 

You can still create an ACX account from anywhere in the world using a special service that was revealed to me, or use another new free distributor Authors Republic.

So no matter where you live in the world...

You can have your audiobooks on the biggest retailers like Audible and iTunes!

Boom!  Problem solved!

Pretty awesome, huh?

Now at this point you may be wondering...

"Why Are You So Freakin Excited About Audiobooks!?"

The first reason is seeing the results first hand.

I recorded a short 47 minute audiobook in a few hours…

And what happened next shocked me!

I saw 85 organic sales of a simple little audiobook in only 3 weeks... without ANY promotion!
Sales keep increasing each month... 149 on just ONE of my audiobooks in December 2015 WITHOUT doing any type of audiobook marketing!
  There's way less competition in the audiobook market... just watch this brand new audiobook get top search results for "weight loss"
Ugh!!  Why didn't I do this sooner!?

I had been missing out on thousands of dollars each year by not having audiobooks!

In the past two and a half months - I've generated over 207 sales with only a few books...

The crazy thing is, the vast majority of my audiobook sales have come completely passively!

Let me ask you something...

"How many of your books could be generating more money and fans for you right now once you turn them into audiobooks?"

After publishing this audiobook and realizing the potential, it's as if there was a sign from the Universe…

At a seminar after telling a guy I was an author…

The first thing he asked is, “Do you have audiobooks?”

He, like many busy professionals, goes straight to Audible to buy his books.​

Which leads me to another reason I love audiobooks...

Audiobooks Is A Growing Market That Isn’t Overly Saturated Like Ebooks

Have you noticed how incredibly fierce the competition is on kindle?

​It seems like everyone and their mother is publishing an ebook…

And that means it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

How would you like to go into a relatively untapped market leveraging the hard work you’ve ALREADY done?

Side bonus: Audiobook downloaders are a wealthier demographic…

With the average yearly income being $84,000.  (Source: Audio Publishers Association)

This Is Only Scratching The Surface Of Why Audiobooks Are Awesome... But There's Still One Problem...

How Can You Create Audiobooks Without Spending A Fortune?

There are two ways to create an audiobook…

The first is to hire a narrator like I did for my first audiobook.

Hiring a narrator cost me over $1,330 to produce a single 4.5+ hour book!

With that price tag, I would have said audiobooks are only worth it to authors with a large following and deep pockets.

You could also do royalty share with a narrator to avoid initial costs...

And while this is a great option for some, it means cutting your royalties in half!

Ouch! :(

Plus you're locked into exclusive distribution with ACX, can't sell on your own, and can't use it as an incentive to build your list missing out on a HUGE reason to create audiobooks!​  #thatsucks

Luckily, there's another way to produce audiobooks...

The Smarter Option: Create Audiobooks Yourself Quickly, Easily, And Affordably!

Once I realized hiring a narrator for all of my books would quickly burn a hole in my pocket...

And doing a royalty share was a bad long-term strategy for me...​

I experimented with recording my own audiobooks.

After all, there are many highly popular audiobooks read by the author in a casual style rather than by some voice actor.

And with a degree in music and having spent the past 4 years doing side gigs as an audio editor...

I thought there was no one better than me to figure out if this would be possible.

After tons of trial and error, I found out I could crank out audiobooks even in my absolutely "horrible for recording" open loft apartment full of echo and reverb.

Once I came up with a few ingenious tricks to make this process ridiculously easy...

I had a revelation...

Virtually ANY author who can speak into a microphone can produce their own professional quality audiobooks!

Why Is Recording Your Own Audiobooks Such An Awesome Idea?

  • You'll save hundreds to thousands of dollars!
  • You can have a book ready in days, or even HOURS, rather than weeks!
  • It can cost less than only $130 just once to setup everything you need for life!
  • You can keep exclusive rights to maximize profit and quickly get a return on investment!  Note: I quickly paid for all my equipment and had money left over from a single audiobook that only took a few hours to make.
  • ACX encourages authors to narrate their own books and it creates a deeper connection with the readers!
  • If you really love it... you can profit from recording OTHER people's audiobooks!  #awesomejob
  • The technical audio editing can still be outsourced which still cuts your costs down in half compared to hiring a narrator/editor combo!

Can you see why I'm ALL about recording my own audiobooks?

I'm also passionate about every author being able to have audiobooks...

So I decided to share my strategies so you can affordably and easily produce your own professional audiobooks in the comfort of your own home!

Introducing: Audiobooks Made Easy

The Do It Yourself Guide For Creating Professional Audiobooks From Your Own Home

Steve Scott Bestselling Amazon Author -

Audiobooks have become a major part of my business--generating $3K to $5K each month in passive income. While I generally recommend that authors outsource the process, the next best option is to create it yourself.  What I like about Audiobooks Made Easy is it provides a no-fluff, easy to follow process for creating high quality audiobooks that listeners will love!

You’ll Watch Over My Shoulder To See Step-By-Step Exactly How To Create Audiobooks Yourself

Inside these training videos, you'll discover...

  • The exact microphone you want to use to get a pro sound… that costs only $59.  WARNING: Using the wrong type of microphone, even if it's very high quality, could totally backfire for audiobooks!
  • The specific gear and brand names to create your own dirt cheap home studio.
  • How to make the process 2-3x faster so you can crank these out in hours rather than many days. 
  • How to handle graphics and links inside your book when narrating.
  • A special trick that reduces room noise and echo that allowed me to record in a giant loft apartment and make it sound amazing... which you can use to turn almost any room into your personal home studio!  This uses a crazy genius idea that I’ve never seen anyone else do!
  • How to create a professional recording using free software.
  • Fiverr gig to polish your recording and guarantee acceptance from distributors.
  • Exactly how to format the book to get accepted by ACX for distribution… and how to get ACX distribution even if you’re outside of the US or UK.
  • How to outsource the editing process if you don’t want to do it to cut production costs in half compared to hiring a narrator.
  • A step-by-step checklist to make the entire process easy to follow.

Love The Idea Of Saving Boatloads Of Cash By Creating Audiobooks Yourself… But Hate Techie Stuff?

Don't worry...

I walk you through everything where you watch over my shoulder exactly how I go through the process.

If you can click the same buttons I tell you to click, you can produce your own audiobooks.

Or worst case scenario…

I’ll even let you outsource some of the work to me.

If you can hit a button and start talking… then you can make your own audiobooks at a fraction of the price of hiring a narrator.  Pretty cool huh?

Vivian Jokotade Author

I must be honest, I was worried this training will be overwhelming with technical language and tasks that I won't be able to do on my own.

To my surprise, Derek kept this training very simple, clear and straight to the point.  Frankly, Derek has succeeded in making the whole process of recording audiobooks easy.

My favorite part of this course is how Derek delivers the training material and the bonus checklist. As I worked through the course, it felt like Derek was sitting right next to me guiding me each step of the way.

If you want a simple, step-by-step guide to creating your own audiobooks, this is the only training you need.

Special Big Bonus... Daniel Hall's Audiobook Marketing Power Pack - $97 Value

While you can make plenty of sales passively, what if want to really take your audiobook sales to the next level? 

As a special bonus, you'll get access to Daniel Hall's audiobook marketing training where you'll discover insights on...

  • Qualifying your audiobooks for WhisperSync = more potential revenues!
  • How to sell more audiobooks by getting professional reviews!
  • Secrets of selling audiobooks through social media!
  • Making more $$$ with bounty program!

I Believe All Authors Should Be Able To Reach The Growing World Of Audiobook Listeners

It’s my hope that all self-published authors who have great books to share with the world can get their work into as many people’s hands (and ears) as possible.

This information would have easily saved me over $1,120 had I known it early on...

But I want serious authors who are passionate about connecting with their readers to have access to this information...

That’s why I’m making this training affordable for the savvy authors who want to connect with their readers.

Take the next logical step on your publishing journey and enter into the exciting audiobook world by clicking the buy button below.

Vikk Simmons Author -

I've wanted to do audio versions of my books but being woefully technological challenged, I was too nervous to even give it a try.

Derek Doepker's practical step-by-step training has changed all that.  After going through the training, I'm convinced that this is truly something I can do--and that's saying something!

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I'm so absolutely sure that Audiobooks Made Easy will help you excel as a self-published author that I'm offering an unconditional, Derek's 30-day money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason you're not impressed with Audiobooks Made Easy, or you decide you don't want to create your own audiobooks, simply request a refund. 

You can get your money back within 30 days.  Simply contact us.  No monkey business.  I will always refund our money.

You have nothing to lose!

"If You Feel Like You’ve ONLY Gotten Your Money’s Worth And That I Haven’t Massively OVER Delivered, I’d Still Be Happy To Refund You!" - Derek Doepker


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is this for non-fiction or fiction books?

How is the training delivered?

How much money can you make from audiobooks?

Is it hard to get accepted doing it yourself?

How long does it take to produce an audiobook?

Can I do this if English isn't my first language?

How hard is it to record yourself?

Do I need to know how to do accents or special voices?

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